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What is Brewery Strong?

What is Brewery Strong?

Brewery Strong is the result of Rob Callaghan’s vision to do something to help people in the brewery, bar, and restaurant professions during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Rob, the Sales Manager of Tuckahoe Brewing Company, was a guest on the South Jersey Beer Scene Live! show on March 24th, 2020 and ended the show by saying “Brewery Strong”, and it stuck. “I just wanted to do something to help where I could. We have an amazing community and a lot of people are struggling during this unprecedented time. I knew that we could do something to bring a little big of light to our brothers and sisters in the hospitality industry”.

Rob asked a few of his friends how to make this happen, and within two weeks a Non-profit was formed, board members and trustees were asked to join, and a live announcement was made on the South Jersey Beer Scene Live! show on April 20th, 2020. The response was overwhelming and immediate with over 1000 Facebook followers in the first 24 hours. The message grew quickly and the organization received support from Craft Beer fans and many businesses, pledging donations and buying merchandise from the Brewery Strong Store (100% of the profit goes directly to Brewery Strong), and asking how they could help.

Brewery Strong is hoping to get money out to people as soon as they can, “I know people are hurting and we want to be able give funding directly to those who need it as soon as possible” Rob told us. Candidates will be chosen from nominations sent to them from owners of businesses in the hospitality industry.

Right now the organization is accepting monetary donations through the website and on Facebook with hopes of holding events in the future to be able to help the community. Future endeavors include a scholarship fund and money that will be made available for professional development for those in the industry.

The mission is clear, the first steps have been taken. Now it is time to show the world how great of a community we have and to help as many people as we can.

Stronger Together. Brewery Strong.

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